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Free Download: Lead Grading Calculator

Looking for a smarter, more efficient way to surface quality leads?

Once you’ve done all the hard work to define your leads internally, it’s time to fine-tune your ideal MCAE Grading profiles and automate the surfacing of leads to discover prospects that are worth pursuing.

So, how to do this? Glad you asked…


We’ve created a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Grading Calculator so you can play around with the criteria that make up your Grading profiles, allowing you to tweak and change them before setting them up in your account.


With your Grading profiles fine-tuned before implementation, you can:

  • figure out which demographic data points matter to your business
  • visualise your Grading model before implementation in-platform
  • check that different combinations of prospect details result in the correct score
  • share the Grading model with teams so they are across this in full
  • use the Grading model calculator to then set up your account


Take advantage of our Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Calculator to easily identify leads that are most likely to convert.

Ready to get stuck in? Download your free grading calculator by completing the form on this page.

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