Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Beginner’s Guide to Data Extensions

Data Extensions don’t have to be scary.


We know from experience that Data Extensions are not always the friendliest Marketing Cloud tool - they can confuse both experts and beginners alike! Our ‘Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Beginner’s Guide to Data Extensions’ eBook will demystify any confusion around Data Extensions and how to use them.


We explain everything from what a Data Extension is, why you’ll inevitably have to use one, and how to create Data Extensions!


Here’s a sneak peek of exactly what you’ll find in the eBook:


  • What is a ‘Data Extension’ in Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
  • Subscriber lists vs. Data Extensions
  • Do I have to use Data Extensions? 
  • Where to manage Data Extensions in SFMC
  • How to create a Data Extension
  • Data relationships
  • Importing data to a Data Extension
  • Tips for working with Data Extensions


Go ahead and download the eBook today and feel confident the next time you tackle Data Extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Marketing Cloud Beginners guide to data extensions



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